Hello, everyone!

Time for a weekly update!

As you can perhaps see, we now have a website (insert exclamation mark here). anyway jokes aside, we have a few things going on this week:

  1. One such thing is the creation and maintenance of this website, which we are going to use as a blog to keep track of what we’re doing over the next few months and also to keep people updated on what we’re doing as well. On the side note, if anyone wants to make some SHIELD related art for the website, that would be wonderful and much appreciated
  2. Also, in the library there are now some more books with characters who come from LGBTQ backgrounds, Ask Mrs Skeggs for more info about them.
  3. Additionally in the library, we now are setting up a wonderful display to show some of the books we are putting in the library. Be sure to check it out!

Be sure to check back next week for more updates!


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