Helping the Homeless in Norwich

Helping the Homeless in Norwich

One amazing thing the Hellesdon SHIELD team have been doing is thinking of ways to fundraise and support local charities who aid homeless or vulnerable people in Norwich.

We voted at the first SHIELD meeting to help the homeless in Norwich as they are a very visible presence in the city centre and many pupils at our school feel concern for them, particularly in the colder months.

Recently, we donated backpacks and sleeping bags (kindly provided by the Drama department, site management and our Duke of Edinburgh team!) to the Peoples’ Picnic: a local charity who run a scheme to recycle un-used food from major supermarkets in the area to donate to those in need.

Our contact Karen from The Peoples’ Picnic was very pleased with our donation!

You can find out more about The Peoples’ Picnic on their Facebook page “The Peoples’ Picnic“.


2 thoughts on “Helping the Homeless in Norwich

    1. Thank you for your question, Max. Firstly, SHIELD is a group for everyone- not only LGBTQ students. In fact, LGBTQ pupils make up less than half of our current members.

      Secondly, your question implies that being gay is a choice. Most of the LGBTQ community would tell you that being gay is not a choice, it is simply how you are born- the same as whether you are born with brown eyes or blonde hair.


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