The Big Unveiling…

IMG_8034Our SHIELD logo is finished, fabulous and ready to be circulated for the world to see!  Designed by Kyra Cornish, one of our talented pupils and a SHIELD member, the SHIELD judging panel chose her design over other brilliant entries for its powerful message.

Firstly, we have the person with the globe for a head to reflect our commitment to making our local and global community a more loving, supportive place.

Secondly, we have the figure in LGBTQ+ colours who symbolises our respect and equal acceptance for everyone in our school, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.

Thirdly, we have the black figure which is open to interpretation: maybe they represent our pupils who are from ethnic minorities or maybe they are a figurehead for mental health?

Most important, we have our equality symbol = We all deserve equal respect, kindness and support.

We hope you like our new logo as much as we do!