Supporting Hellesdon’s Inclusion, Equality, Love and Diversity” or “S.H.I.E.L.D.”, is all about helping people be who they want to be and what they want to be, without the fear of discrimination.

We are an extra-curricular lunchtime group who seek to raise awareness of global and local issues and inclusiveness which affect our school community.

Headed and founded by English teacher, Miss Baker, we have fortnightly meetings where we discuss news events; suggest charitable causes to fundraise for in school and support our fellow pupils by making Hellesdon (and Norwich!) a friendlier, more considerate place.

If you have a suggestion or question for the SHIELD team, please contact us via Miss Baker: jbaker6brf@nsix.org.uk or head to our “Comments” section.

Alternately, come along to one of our meetings (Tuesdays, Week 2 in A10 from 12.50 pm!)