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Rainbow Laces for Sport 🌈

SHIELD have strong links with the LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall and this month saw the excellent Rainbow Laces for Sport campaign.

The idea was a simple one: athletes and fans of sport would wear rainbow laces to promote equality in sport.

Norwich City Football Team were spotted with rainbow line flags and rainbow laces, in honour of former player Justin Fashanu who experienced homophobic bullying and tragically took his own life.

Staff and students at HHS donned their laces for equality.  SHIELD- making history in education! 🌈


SHIELD promote “Reading in the Community”.

Do you have elderly relatives? Maybe you have a neighbour who can’t move around easily or a family friend who is disabled.  For older people and people with disabilities, Christmas can be a very difficult time.

The SHIELD team recently answered a request on social media for visitors and entertainers to come to Oakwood House, a residential care Home in Norwich.  We decided that as we couldn’t all sing (!) we’d bring them the joy of literature instead.

So, armed with several David Walliams books, some Roald Dahl stories and a sprinkling of Lewis Carroll, we headed off to Oakwood in the minibus to spread some seasonal cheer.

Our visits were not easy: many of the people we read to were hard of hearing. Some were very poorly and a few could not speak for health reasons. However, we smiled, laughed, chatted and read and the two visits we made passed by in a flash.

Oakwood House were very grateful and made us feel very welcomed with biscuits and squash. Our link, Emily said:

Our manager Pete was thrilled with how it all went and said he hoped it would be a regular thing. Musicians would be great too. It is really hard with our residents who are unable to verbalise but they really do benefit from such interactions.” 

We hope the visits will improve our own reading and social skills, whilst bringing comfort and fun to others.

Do you know someone who would benefit from being read or chatted to, like this?



We are proud to announce that our work with the Norwich soup kitchen, “The Peoples’ Picnic” has been covered by the Eastern Daily Press!

Below is a copy of the newspaper article.  Can you spot yourself or someone you know in the photographs?








Speaking Up Against Hate

On Tuesday 4th July, 2017 America celebrated Independence Day.  Here at Hellesdon High School, meanwhile, we were making our own history. 

During period 5, year 8 pupils assembled in the hall for a special and pioneering assembly against Hate-Speech.  Many SHIELD members spoke or supported their friends from the front row.  The topics we covered included:

  • Hate Crimes- what they are and how they affect us (Miss Baker).
  • The Trans* umbrella and positive ways to support trans* pupils (Terry).
  • Islamaphobia vs. the real face of Islam (Tahmid).
  • Traveller culture (Billy).
  • Disability & Invisible Illness (Saffron, Ellen and Sophie).
  • Bullying and the Toot Toot app in school (Sarah and Ebony).
  • Hate Crime & the Law (School Community Police Officer).

We were also fortunate to have very talented school musicians to provide entertainment, using music which reflected the themes of our assembly.  A special thanks to Miss Betts for organising these!

All of the speakers were received warmly and respectfully by Year 8, who listened in silence and applauded heartily.

We received several kind emails from the Heads of School and the Head of Year 8, Mr Stevenson praising the SHIELD team for their hard work.

Mr Earl said:

“it was absolutely inspirational.  Whilst all the speakers were amazing, I was truly blown away by Terry!  How he had the strength of character to deliver that speech to a whole year group was simply incredible.”

Mr Stevenson wrote:

“The honesty, bravery and confidence you showed to deliver such a well planned and empathetic presentation was amazing!  I was stunned by the respect Year 8 showed you and that is testament to the power of your words…I am very hopeful that your 60 minutes of bravery will go on to reduce the stigma attached to a number of gender, religious and cultural issues.”

Miss Baker presented small prizes and certificates to all the speakers from the SHIELD team. 


HHS: making history with pioneering diversity work!