We are proud to announce that our work with the Norwich soup kitchen, “The Peoples’ Picnic” has been covered by the Eastern Daily Press!

Below is a copy of the newspaper article.  Can you spot yourself or someone you know in the photographs?








Speaking Up Against Hate

On Tuesday 4th July, 2017 America celebrated Independence Day.  Here at Hellesdon High School, meanwhile, we were making our own history. 

During period 5, year 8 pupils assembled in the hall for a special and pioneering assembly against Hate-Speech.  Many SHIELD members spoke or supported their friends from the front row.  The topics we covered included:

  • Hate Crimes- what they are and how they affect us (Miss Baker).
  • The Trans* umbrella and positive ways to support trans* pupils (Terry).
  • Islamaphobia vs. the real face of Islam (Tahmid).
  • Traveller culture (Billy).
  • Disability & Invisible Illness (Saffron, Ellen and Sophie).
  • Bullying and the Toot Toot app in school (Sarah and Ebony).
  • Hate Crime & the Law (School Community Police Officer).

We were also fortunate to have very talented school musicians to provide entertainment, using music which reflected the themes of our assembly.  A special thanks to Miss Betts for organising these!

All of the speakers were received warmly and respectfully by Year 8, who listened in silence and applauded heartily.

We received several kind emails from the Heads of School and the Head of Year 8, Mr Stevenson praising the SHIELD team for their hard work.

Mr Earl said:

“it was absolutely inspirational.  Whilst all the speakers were amazing, I was truly blown away by Terry!  How he had the strength of character to deliver that speech to a whole year group was simply incredible.”

Mr Stevenson wrote:

“The honesty, bravery and confidence you showed to deliver such a well planned and empathetic presentation was amazing!  I was stunned by the respect Year 8 showed you and that is testament to the power of your words…I am very hopeful that your 60 minutes of bravery will go on to reduce the stigma attached to a number of gender, religious and cultural issues.”

Miss Baker presented small prizes and certificates to all the speakers from the SHIELD team. 


HHS: making history with pioneering diversity work!


SHIELD Supports The Peoples’ Picnic.

On Tuesday 20th June Miss Baker and the Hellesdon SHIELD team organised a whole-school donation to The Peoples’ Picnic, a Norwich food bank which meets twice a week at the Haymarket in Norwich.

Our plan was to raise awareness at Hellesdon High School of the work The Peoples’ Picnic achieve in Norwich via a video we made and posted to the HHS Facebook page. We also showed the footage in tutor times with a plea for donations from students and staff. 

After school on Tuesday, some younger SHIELD pupils prepared a range of sandwiches to take to The Peoples’ Picnic.  Pupils threw themselves enthusiastically into the challenge!


When we’d researched homelessness in Norwich prior to our trip we’d been shocked by the high numbers of people who use this foodbank for both hot meals and supplies (clothes, sleeping bags and dried foods) but nothing could have prepared us for what we encountered. There was a huge crowd of people when we arrived at 8pm and the atmosphere was excited and very noisy. 

The sixth form students who accompanied Miss Baker to deliver the sandwiches and tinned goods to the homeless and vulnerable were invited to meet the crowd, distributing bottles of water and flavoured drinks to those queuing. 

The sandwiches we made went within ten minutes and our bags of donations were sorted by the volunteers at The People’s Picnic to be given to those most in need.

Speaking after their experience, the sixth form students praised the volunteers who organise the twice weekly food banks. Georgia Leeds said “I spoke to one man who told me the food we supplied will go far.  I found that really touching.”  Scott Palframan expressed surprise at how many people there were using the facilities, “I was shocked at how busy it was there this evening.  It shows you what a great need there is in Norwich”. 


English teacher Miss Baker said “It was profoundly moving to see so many people of all different ages and walks of life coming together and using this service.  The Peoples’ Picnic organisers are absolute heroes and clearly care deeply about the people they are supporting.  Hellesdon’s SHIELD team are proud to support such a worthy and vital cause.”

Recognising Kindness

One of our SHIELD members, Grace, perfectly demonstrated the values of our group over the Easter holiday when she assisted a stranger in need…

“During Easter, I was returning home from a visit to my gran’s house. At a crossing in Hellesdon I saw a lady waiting to cross the road who was hearing and visually impaired.

Luckily I’ve recently had training on Braille and I had a Braille sheet in my bag. I was able to help the lady by guiding her gently on my arm.

The lady was so pleased, she tried to offer me a present but I refused. I don’t want any reward, it’s just nice to be nice.”

Well done Grace! That’s the spirit of SHIELD!

Disclaimer: Please be safe and don’t talk to strangers if you are on your own or in a secluded location. Always make sure someone knows where you are and never go inside a stranger’s house, even if they seem nice! Your safety is very important. IMG_8039