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Recognising Kindness

One of our SHIELD members, Grace, perfectly demonstrated the values of our group over the Easter holiday when she assisted a stranger in need…

“During Easter, I was returning home from a visit to my gran’s house. At a crossing in Hellesdon I saw a lady waiting to cross the road who was hearing and visually impaired.

Luckily I’ve recently had training on Braille and I had a Braille sheet in my bag. I was able to help the lady by guiding her gently on my arm.

The lady was so pleased, she tried to offer me a present but I refused. I don’t want any reward, it’s just nice to be nice.”

Well done Grace! That’s the spirit of SHIELD!

Disclaimer: Please be safe and don’t talk to strangers if you are on your own or in a secluded location. Always make sure someone knows where you are and never go inside a stranger’s house, even if they seem nice! Your safety is very important. IMG_8039